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James Martin Associates exists to provide snow and landscape services, enriching the lives of our clients, our associates and our community by safely managing, creating and celebrating beautiful and sustainable environments.


We value life-long clients who engage us to create, maintain, and celebrate beautiful landscapes while providing outstanding service and unparalleled value.

More valuable than our clients is our exceptional team of Associates, who put trusting teamwork ahead of themselves in order to produce extraordinary results.

We believe in a “Safety First” approach to every company operation, so that we protect the lives and resources of our clients, our Associates, and the public.

We value creativity, innovation, and growth in every aspect of building and maintaining exceptional landscapes.

We believe in achieving a fair and consistent profit from our hard work and investment. Through our results-sharing plan and our discretionary 401K contributions, we are committed to the equitable sharing of our results with our Associates.

We value hard work and fun at work, and we know that we are at our best when there’s an abundance of both.

We celebrate our ability to enhance lives as a corporate citizen by supporting the community and charitable interests of our clients and Associates.

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